If you have been bottling up feelings of love, then Valentines is the day to express them. It’s also the perfect time to show someone you love how much you care, and to spice things up in your relationship. A Happy Valentines day sweetheart will appreciate the effort if you decide to do something extra special for them.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure you don't leave it until the last minute. This lack of preparation usually shows, and it is never appreciated by your Happy Valentines day sweetheart. A little forward planning can go a long way.

Sexy Cuisine

Add a little spice into your relationship with a sexy Valentine's Day meal made up entirely of aphrodisiacs. Asparagus, ginger, and carrots are vegetables that are associated with arousal, and this can make for an interesting Valentines day dinner. There are also other herbs and spices you can look into when it comes to making an extra special dinner for your lover or Happy Valentines day sweetheart.

You can also sex up the dessert with sumptuous dark chocolate cake, or strawberries dipped in chocolate. Finger foods that you can feed to each other are the perfect way to inject some foreplay into your Valentines meal.

Be Creative

If you take the time to make a personal gift for your Valentines day sweetheart, then it will be much appreciated. You can relive your grade school days and make a card with a specially written Happy Valentines day poem inside from you.

Baking a batch of heart shaped cookies is a sweet and thoughtful way of surprising your honey on Valentines day, especially if you don’t usually cook or bake. This is a sweet gesture which will most definitely be appreciated.

Try putting together a scrapbook or photo collage of you and your Happy Valentines day sweetheart. You can make an elegant collage by turning your photographs into black and white photos or sepia photos on the computer. Put them in a nice frame and this is the perfect way to present all the good times you’ve had with your lover.

You could even put together a hamper full of bath oils and massage lotions. This is a gift that your Happy Valentines day sweetheart can use on her own, or which can be enjoyed together. A final, perfect touch to your gift is to add a rose to make it that much more romantic.

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