Of course, watches might not be first thing you think of when you hear the words "romantic gift". However, when your significant other wears their watch, they will always be pleasantly reminded (even if subconsciously) that you love them whenever they check the time. Remember. having a thoughtful sentiment engraved on the back of the watch changes such a thoughtful gift into a romantic keepsake.

Naturally watches come in many styles, making the selection process a bit challenging however it means you will be able to find the pefect match for your loved one.

Just a few things to consider: the watchface, crystal, band and how it tells the time. What other features do they need? Do they really need a built in alarm, timer, compass or altimeter? Do you think they would like an elegant look, or perhaps prefer something more rugged?

Another main concern is the quality of each aspect of the watch. Even though watches can range in price from under $5 to over $100,000, you should always try to get the most value for the money spent. You may have to make a few trade offs with low cost watches. For example, you may opt for a more durable band over a fancy dial.

One word of caution: Be very wary of people selling "replica" watches, or selling on the street. You may get them cheap, but it will invariably be a case of getting what you pay for. Not only are the materials shoddy, but the timing mechanisms may lack the ability to keep time. That being said, there are some companies claiming to sell high-quality replicas. Do your homework before buying them, and understand that there may be some risk involved.

By ordering from a reputable online merchant like Amazon your purchase will be guaranteed to be satisfactory.

The essence of a watch is its practicality, but they can also serve as an external display of who we are. With just a little thought and care, you can turn a simple (or not-so-simple) watch into a "timeless" gift that shows how much you care. Indeed a watch is a great idea for your romantic gift.


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